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Al Kharid Archaeology

F2P Al Kharid Archaeology 1.6a

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Added a check to see if java is installed/added to environmental variables.
If not the user is warned and told to download it, bot wont run without it.
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• Improved antiban a fair bit
• Added the second dig spot (Chosen randomly)
• Added mouse speed randomization
• Changed starting location (right next to the bank)
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Added a cringe voice guide + another instruction to help users.
Users were experiencing an issue with keys not being sent which I've added instructions for.
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Added a quick failsafe for image not being found on #12 in drop
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Some users had issues with the bot not detecting the last inventory slot
I've modified the script, the script now checks the final inventory slot.
The following items in the final inventory slot will trigger the bot to the bank:

• Zarosian insignia
• 3rd Age iron
• Ancient Gravel
• Venator light crossbow
• Venator dagger

We now also check above the player's head for different pixels.
This is how we know the character is still digging.
I've also added two audible indications for when the bot is setting the script up and starting the script.
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Added a built-in instructions menu when the bot is first ran.
This is to help users that misunderstand how to configure the bot correctly.
I've also added a checker to make sure Wrapper.jar is on the users desktop.

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This new version is much more efficient.

• Changed 2000ms delay between moving the mouse to location then clicking to 500ms
• After digging we now wait for the blue status bar above our head to go away before re-digging
• Bank location adjusted, the previous version misclicked it occasionally
• Added a failsafe to both the bank and digsite, the bot won't click unless the correct left-click option is there
• Removed moving the mouse within the bank and switched to depositing all inventory items with num pad 3