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Asentrix VIP Premium RS3 Bot

Asentrix VIP Premium RS3 Bot 4.5

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Current scripts

Archaeology Venator Remains
Archaeology Castra Debris
Archaeology Stormguard Citadel (Ikovian Memorial)
Archaeology Tutorial Bot (Does the tutorial for you)
Fully fledged AIO Combat Bot (Supports all NPC's, Eating, Looting, Regenerate, Aggresion potions)
Burthorpe rabbit killer (Banking, Looting)
Fully fledged AIO Fletching Bot (Supports everything!)
Swarm fishing (Deep Sea Fishing Hub) Banking, Navigation
Burthorpe crayfish powerfisher
Lumbridge powerminer (Mines south of lumbridge, drops ores)
Falador Lumnite mining (With banking)
Anywhere miner - Powermine every location in runescape
Varrock Oak tree woodcutting + banking
Seers maples + banking
Smart Autotyper
Smart Autoclicker
Never log - keeps you logged in
AIO Smither (Supports everything at anvil)
AIO Smelter (Supports everything)
Firemaking - Braziers at shantay pass
AIO Herb cleaner script (Supports all herbs)
AIO Potion script (Supports all potions)
Thieving - Varrock Tea Stall + Banking
Thieving - Lumbridge vegetable stall + Banking
Dwarven mine (Copper + Tin) (Banking)
Banite miner + Banking + PK Detection
AIO Cooker (Alkharid) - Cooks everything the range supports
Crafting - Prif Harps
* Private * Clanwars farming script

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Prif Harps Fix

    They were a bit buggy so I added some fixes Will improve more in the future
  2. Crafting added

    Added crafting • Prif harps Will be adding an AIO crafter today as well!
  3. Agility

    • Added burthorpe agility course

Latest reviews

I've been waiting for! Clean and Cool! Thanks again
Asentrix adds multiple scrips every week and is quick to help with any issues, by far one of the best RS3 Bots on the market!
Asentrix pushing out new scripts daily and quickly replies if any issues arise!
Fantastic tool. Asentrix very helpful with intial set up. Trustworthy reliable bot!!