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Asentrix VIP Premium RS3 Bot

Asentrix VIP Premium RS3 Bot 7.0

No permission to download
Added summoning
• Taverly shop summoning - Buys ingredients back from the shop to make quick pouches
• Added documentation button to main menu
• Added UI checker (The same as the external one I posted in VIP section)
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Was messing around with reflection, forgot to remove it after testing
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Added new scripts

• Stackable fletcher - Fletches things like arrows, darts etc
• Wine cooker - Cooks wine at the combat academy
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Bot was getting stuck sometimes
Originally we waited for the backpack/deposit all icon in the bank before loading the preset
On occasion, the bot would move the mouse over the icon, breaking the script

It's been fixed now
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Fixed menaphos fishing
Should now detect the fishing bubble in all correct spots

Updated the login
After successfully logging in the first time, rather than ask you to login each time, it will remember your login details and attempt to login automatically to save time
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Previously the bot would click on a specific area relative to our character
Now it clicks on a random offset of a few pixels
This should reduce the chances of getting banned significantly.
• AIO flatpack maker (Uses the portable workbench)
Added the treegnome course (low level)
Will add the advanced course later