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F2P Beginner Combat bot 2.0

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This is very simple combat bot and is mainly used to learn from and to get those early combat levels.

- Winautomation (Latest version)

-Make a keybind to "Cycle target - Forwards keybind" in runescape 3( settings>gameplay>combat>targeting)

- An program like Autohotkey to make AHK, When downloaded right click desktop>new>AutoHotKey script>Rename the file to yourchoice.AHK> Right click file > Edit script> Write Send {X}(x=yourchoice) and save as all files.

You`ll need three diffrent AHKS one for Targeting(X will be same as your "Cycle target" keybind)
one for ability activation/ability-bar i would recommend you use (Send {1})
and one for eating. When this is done just replace mine with yours.

- You might have to change the OCR("Extract text With OCR"select a different sub region depending on were your health bar is. Press " select diffrent subregion" and ONLY select the subregion were your damage taking health bar is ↯↯

Known bugs:
Since this bots uses colors it can sometimes get stuck. This is usually caused by another Npc health bar being on the screen. This is simply fixed by moving mouse(stop hovering over another npc).

If you need help to:
-install or learn win automation basics i strongly recommend:

Feel free to ask questions below. I will try to answer as fast as i can :)
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  1. Still the best combat bot on rs3

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