Character Dumper Plugin Character Dumper Plugin 1.5

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The crashing issue from 1.4 appears to be fixed
The "Current Hovered Menu" option has temporarily been removed, as sox thinks this may be the cause.

New Features
• Destination Tile X/Y now works since we aren't crashing
• Inventory item ID detection (Check item ID's in inventory, wait for ID in inventory etc)
• Inventory item ID stack​
New info we can dump

• Destination tile X
• Destination tile Y
• Destination Plane

Now you can "navigate" more safely and get a rough idea of where your bot is heading!

Current hovered option (Bugged sox will fix when not tired)
Added values

• Inventory slot detection
• Map Angles
• Camera Information
• Interacting with NPC check (currently broken)
Redownload, thanks for the fix sox!