Human Mouse Movements Wrapper Human Mouse Movements Wrapper 8-11-2019

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This is a wrapper for natural mouse movement, created by Sox.
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Demo video

Usage (with command prompt)
java -jar "path/to/this/wrapper.jar" 50 60
Replace 50 with X and 60 with Y.
Replace the 100 with the time in milliseconds you want the mouse to travel to its destination

Recommendation: When using this with winautomation, use the Run Dos Commannd action to execute it.
That way it waits for the mouse movement to finish before moving to the next action :)

Known bug
The speed value needs to be added as a variable
I'm not sure why, but it does.
Use a random number generator and add the random number variable to the end in place of the 100​
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Latest updates

  1. Removed delay bug in faster mouse movements.

    Removed the delay bug inbetween faster mouse movements.
  2. Optional speed argument

    Useful for fast movements such as dropping. Use: X Y 100 = X location, Y location, 100...

Latest reviews

What means ERROR: Not enough args! Please help
  • sanderschoofs
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 8-11-2019
How to use it? Really dont now what do you mean with java: ... and then that code?
Natural movement and it changes every time. Way faster execution than using PyClick. Also had an issue with PyClick where if you right clicked the mouse movement would take it mouse off of the menu causing it to disappear - I have not had that problem using this. Great resource and highly recommended.