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CharterBuyr - Port Khazard Charter Shop purchaser


- Purchases items from the charter shop (buckets of sand/slime, seaweed, swamp paste)
- Hops world when its out of stock
- Banks using the Port Khazard bank chest

- No current bugs known

Getting Started:
As with most bots on this site, you will need the basics which can be found here:

- Winautomation (Latest version)
- Runelite.Plus (Sox's custom plugin loader)
- Sox's Character Dump Plugin:
- Human-like mouse movements wrapper
- JDK 8

You should click your compass before starting the script, so that you are facing north; then be completely zoomed out on the zoom scale; and finally hold the arrow up key until your camera angle is completely vertical. Start script at the Port Khazard dock with GP in your inventory. The script will currently purchase seaweed; if you wish to swap it to purchase another item in the shop, change the seaweed image to the item of choice. Please ask on discord if you need help with this change.

Next, you will need to add these highlighted floor tiles using the Ground Marker plugin within the RuneLite client. Try to match them up as close as possible to the ones in the pictures:

#FFE435FF - Pink (1 total tile)
#FFFF7300 - Orange (1 total tile)


Lastly; add these highlights into your Colour Bot Helper plugin:
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