Choppr - AFK an inventory of logs

F2P Choppr - AFK an inventory of logs 1.0

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Choppr - AFK an inventory of logs



- Will chop any log highlighted yellow until a full inventory
- Will choose the trees closest to you before choosing far ones

Script is solely made to chop any tree you choose if highlighted yellow using the colour bot helper plugin for RL+. In future updates I'll add shift drop support. Script is designed for low level woodcutting levels as I made this to level from 1-50 woodcutting.

Getting Started:
As with most bots on this site, you will need the basics which can be found here:

- Winautomation (Latest version)
- Runelite.Plus (Sox's custom plugin loader)
- Sox's Character Dump Plugin:
- Human-like mouse movements wrapper
- JDK 8

Using the colour bot helper plugin for RL+, add the tree object ID's to be highlighted yellow. Start the script in a spot closest to the most highlighted trees and start script.
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