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AutoClicker (Member)
Clicks based on a delay

Item Dropper (Member)
Drops items based on provided conditions automatically

Prayer Helper (Member)
1Tick Prayer Flicking, auto-prayer switching configuration with hotkeys

Gear Swapper (Member)
Automatically swaps configured gear using hotkeys

Auto-Eat (Member and Premium)
Automatically single, double and triple tick eats based on HP thresholds or a hotkey

Auto-Spec (Premium)
A PvP orientated plugin for performing special attacks

Agility Helper (Premium)
Automatically completes agility courses

Runecrafting (Premium)
Automates various Runecrafting activities

Altar Helper (Premium)
1Tick uses bones on either a Gilded or Chaos Altar

NMZ Helper (Premium)
Automatically does NMZ for you including Overloads and Prayer methods

Pest Control (Premium)
Automatically runs Pest Control on any of the three boats

Bank Skilling (Premium)
Perform bank skilling activities for crafting, herblore, and fletching automatically

Power Skilling (Premium)
Automatically power mine, cut or fish any gatherable item in the game

Thieving Helper (Premium)
Automatically performs thieving related tasks such as pickpocketing Ardy Knights, Farmers and performing Blackjacking.

Smithing Helper (Premium)
Automatically performs both Anvil and Blast Furnace activities for you

Cooking Helper (Premium)
Automatically cooks any food you want at a variety of locations

Hunter Helper (Premium)
Automatically hunts for chinchompas and salamanders

Construction Helper (Premium)
Automatically performs various construction methods, requires a demon butler

Motherlode Mine (Premium)
Automatically handles the entirety of Motherlode Mine for both bottom and top floor
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Does not work for me atm, but I believe the files will be updated sooner or later