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F2P Generic Fighter 3.2

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Generic F2P Fighter V3
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This script constantly scans your client screen, and will:
-attack a highlighted monster, and if it mis-clicks due to the lag time of mouse movement or other reason, it keeps re-attacking until damage starts being dealt.
-heal when your HP gets low (customizable threshold +-20% every 60 seconds) by eating any F2P food I could find on OSRS wiki.
-sip a strength potion when your boost is less than 2 below your max.
-can tell the bot to toss those vials / empty pie tins / bowls onto the ground where they belong, and it will pick whether to shift-drop them or to right-click drop randomly upon bot start.
Configuration set-up:
-UNZIP the ZIP file
-Import "Generic F2P FighterV3.waj" into WinAutomation
-I have included working versions of all plugins as of this script update, but please re-download if out of date:
-Soxs HumanMouseMove "Wrapper.jar" placed on the desktop
-Soxs RuneLite+
-Soxs Character Info Dumper plugin
-Drag "Wrapper.jar" onto desktop
-Open folder "%USERNAME%/.runelite/" and delete file "", then copy "" from ZIP to replace it.
-Launch RuneLite+
-From inside RuneLite+, launch RuneLite OR OPRS
-Attach RuneLite+ to client
-Set client to fixed mode (untested in fullscreen but probably works)
-Camera pan, zoom, and tilt should be irrelevant
-Brightness: turned, lit💡🔥
-Change the highlighted ID to your preferred F2P monster to kill:

All food/potions are optional. The nature of this bot is that you manually walk to a spot, highlight a NPC ID, and depending on your combat stats / monster stats / food type, you will last 15 min - 2 hours, and if you take 0 damage, indefinitely (6 hr login timeout I suppose - highly un-recommended). To kill the bot press CTRL + ALT + T.

Boom! Start truly being "AFK" by doing laundry, dishes, and homework while having peace of mind that your character isn't going to die while combatting. (It will keep fighting past the aggro timer so when it eventually fails by running out of food, you won't be dead.) The bot should stop once it detects you are low HP and can't find any more food.

I highly recommend highlighting multiple monsters, and also to find a good spot to not be able to wander off in (such as a dungeon or closed area) because navigation is not implemented. Whatever compass direction your character is facing is the general direction it will wander while running this bot.

Does not support banking / looting (except on accident when it meant to click the monster).

[Already released]: P2P generic fighter with prayer potions / super pots / antidote++ sipper
Coming soon after Soxs finishes navigation capabilities with RL+: looting customizable loot/banking/ re-gearing

First script release so let me know any feedback or suggestions :cool:
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Version 3.2

    Modified mouse speed to click monsters more quickly and updated to RL+ 042.
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  3. New functionality etc

    Please read the post for updated info on the bot.