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High Alchemy

F2P High Alchemy 8.4

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Welcome to the script description.

Can high alchemy every item.
Can high alchemy multiple item in one session if the script is modified.
The script can be use in any location but make sure you have enough rune to high alchemy all of your item.

-Step 1: In the function "Main" follow the instruction of the comment.
-Step 2 :In the function "Random Region Move Mouse On High Alchemy Spell" add the x&y of the spell location. (Add the spell on your action bar, key assing to it is 1)
-Step 3: In the function "Random Region Move Mouse High Alchemy Item" add the x&y of the item location.
-Step 4: In the function "Logout When Run Out Of Item" follow the instruction of the comment.
-Step 5: Run the script.

Here's how to had mutiple item to high alchemy in one session:
Create a new function (you can rename it for "Random Region Move Mouse Between Each Cast 2") and copy what's inside the "Random Region Move Mouse Between Each Cast" and paste it in your new function. Recreate the same "If %LoopIndex% <= then%" but change the operator of the second to "If %LoopIndex% >= then"

If you have any question let us know and we will do our best to awnser to it.
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