High Alchemy

F2P High Alchemy 8.4

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-Now support the actionbar (key send {numpad1}).
-Have 98% chance to use the actionbar and 2% chance of clicking on the spell.
-The %RandomAmountOfHighAlchemyCast% is now generated.
-Added a "If %LoopIndex%" <= then to make the process easyer for you if you want to high alchemy mutiple item.
-Added a "Go to" to continue high alchemy item when the "%RandomAmountOfHighAlchemyCast%" have been reach.
-Fixed the %RandomAmountOfHighAlchemyCast% generator.
-Change the wait time between high alchemy cast for better profit.
-Fixed the Error display box and will now popup if rs2client process is not running.
-If the Runescape window is not automatically bring upfront and focus by the "get window" the "If window is not focus" will now bring it upfront and focus it.
-Fixed the loop process.
-The function "random wait time before restarting to high alchemy" is now on the correct line.
-The logout fonction is now fixed.
-Fix the Random region move mouse in every fonction.
-Reworked the whole script and fixed bug.