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Runelite.Plus (Soxs Plugin Loader)

Runelite.Plus (Soxs Plugin Loader) 038

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Runelite.Plus (not to be confused with runelitepl.us) is an external plugin loader for Runelite.
it utilizes the official runelite client, and loads external plugins into the client.
To use Sox's plugin loader you also need to download JDK 8 from here
Click me to download JDK 8

Setup Guide
Once you've installed JDK 8 and RLP go ahead and run the "Runelite plus" .jar file
You will see a window like so

Tick "Auto attach to RL" and click "Start RL".
Runelite will startup, and you're good to go from there


This plugin allows you to highlight objects and items and fill their entire model with a certain color of your choice.
To use this plugin, load runelite plus.
Once loaded and the game is running, on the right hand side of runelite you should see a "RiD runelite toolbox" option


To add objects to the plugin, click "Open RL+ window" , or manually click the window from your taskbar.
Navigate to the tab "RiD genesis toolbox.

Here, click "Add new object".

You can add the object ID, the X and the Y location of the object, as well as mark the object a certain color.
You can get the ID and location using Runelites built-in developer tools.
Once you've added an object, it will show up in the toolbox like so


The object in-game will be highlighted and a solid color

That sums up how to configure the toolbox, if you have any issues/questions feel free to comment below, cheers!
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Latest updates

  1. openOSRS Fix

    Was a bug with RLP failing to download openOSRS latest bootstrap
  2. OpenOSRS Support

    Now supporting OpenOSRS :)
  3. Solid minimap tiles

    Ground markers now create solid minimap tiles

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Colour coding makes so many things much easier to be clicked, as well as many awesome + features.
Thanks for the hard work as usual Sox!
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