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Winautomation 9 - Full Download Free

Winautomation 9 - Full Download Free

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The majority of the bots and scripts I will post on the forums are created and made for automation software known as "Winautomation".
Winautomation is an automation software suite that includes a deluge of libraries, actions, and capabilities.
It enables anyone, even those without programming experience, to create their own Runescape bots.
When you find a bot on here you want to use, download it, and select "import" on winautomation.

But before you get botting, you will need to download winautomation.
Winautomation is a paid software, but I've included a 'full' version that I'm personally using.

Scripts created on newer versions of Winautomation will NOT work on older versions.
This means if you upgrade winautomation and open any file/bot, it will automatically be "upgraded" to the latest version.
This means you will no longer be able to open it on previous versions of winautomation, so before doing that, make sure the latest winautomation is stable​
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