1. M @ meteorits:
    where can get client?
  2. M @ meteorits:
    and cant join discord
  3. M @ meteorits:
    i need a client to run Al Kharid Archaeology ?
  4. S @ skormz:
    Hey! @asent
  5. S @ skormz:
    I'm not sure how this works. I use to use another bot where they had a client where you'd download scripts, how does this one work?
  6. S @ skormz:
    May even donate to get things going :)
  7. Moe @ Moe:
    Hi there.
  8. T @ Trabiseiro:
    guys i need a help to use rs3 bot mining, anyone?
  9. E @ esteficha9:
  10. E @ esteficha9:
    quienn me ayuda con un bot de fishing?}
  11. M @ meteorits:
    who can make me small bot script i pay you
  12. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Depends on what the script is my friend
  13. T @ Tommymck:
    I'm new here guys so what file do i need to open up these bots
  14. S @ Saint Kaon:
    Don't know if this is allowed, but I'm buying a kandarn safecracking winauto script:
  15. S @ Saint Kaon:
  16. S @ Saint Kaon:
    Asentrix, thought you might like to know that when using quad9 ( as my primary DNS server, unable to resolve website. Had to change it to or to get it to work.
  17. faladord @ faladord:
    discord invite invalid
  18. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Please use the link in the nav bar up top
    Great guides Asentrix (y)