1. C @ chrwck:
    Nevermind. I solved it :D
  2. C @ chrwck:
    Hey guys! I downloaded the Human Moves Movement Wrapper tool. I did everything like in the video, but I got this error in the Dos Command: ERROR: Not enough args! Someone can help please
  3. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    all good homie
  4. Bowd @ Bowd:
  5. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
  6. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Just post in the introduction section, or post on threads :p
  7. Bowd @ Bowd:
    how can i obtain credits?
  8. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Tinybot is just a virtual machine for botting on, you run winautomation on it :p
  9. Bowd @ Bowd:
    What does tinybot do can it do rs3?
  10. Asentrix @ Asentrix:!Z5BRUKZB!7tgF5ls4xGl7nWaVDYLUEZJIDiyDvyKnKyVQCqSHPD0 - Tinybot download since Trent! the pussy rat from rid copyright striked the last link lol