1. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    I pm'd you on discord
  2. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    haha yep
  3. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    oh shit! i actually won lol
  4. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Congrats on winning the raffle @DuckInDisguise :)
  5. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    anything i type thats longer than the length of the text box doesnt go through
  6. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    is there a max length for messages in here?
  7. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    just gonna refresh between messages now lol
  8. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    every time i type a long message it wont go through :mad:
  9. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    ah cool
  10. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    that was a test its working now lol
  11. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    try refresh page
  12. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    my messages arent going through ):
  13. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    ah highlight a diff color :)
  14. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    it uses pouches so the red will already be there when it makes the second batch
  15. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    also wanna make the nav a bit faster, gotta find a balance between clicking on the map soon enough and making sure my char has stopped running when it finds the pixel to click on
  16. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    highlight astral runes in inventory red, wait for image (red) :)
  17. D @ DuckInDisguise:
    Testing my astral bot, have it 99% there but it clicks to teleport a bit early sometimes
  18. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    (y)đź’° get that mulah
  19. OSRS-User-39229 @ OSRS-User-39229:
    Attempting navigation setup for specific scripts via highlighted map tiles
  20. OSRS-User-39229 @ OSRS-User-39229:
    I am currently working on personal scripts for moneymaking :)
  21. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Yo whats everyone up too?
  22. OSRS-User-39229 @ OSRS-User-39229:
  23. W @ Waikss:
  24. Asentrix @ Asentrix:
    Hey hows it goin @Peking
  25. P @ Peking:
    Sup boys