[buying] winauto kandarin safecracking


Saint Kaon

Apr 27, 2020
Looking to buy a safecracking winauto script for Kandarin safes for $75 via PayPal as gift. The ones listed below:
  1. Camelot: both safes on ground floor of Camelot Castle
  2. Ardougne: both upper floor building safes surrounding Ardougne market. Skipping Ardougne castle safes.
  3. Yanille: ground-floor safe south of lodestone and the upper-floor safe in the pub to the east.
  4. Repeat.
The script should:
  • Use hotkeys to teleport to Camelot and Ardougne and hotkey lodestone teleport to Yanille.
  • Fence items and hand-in 'valuable' items when the loot bag is full.
  • Starting location should be Camelot.
  • My screen resolution is technically 1536 x 864 (1920 x 1080 but with accessibility settings set to 125%). I'd like to keep it this way.
  • I would rather not use legacy UI, for reasons.
Let me know if there's anything else that I can provide. Full live demo would be required before payment