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Creating new bot platform



Jan 23, 2021
It would be awesome if this was also for RS3


Jul 8, 2020
Yep, that's true.

Yes, there is splicing done in there of paths, some transformations, etc. From what I've observed, when the mouse speed is not too fast, detection can be avoided pretty well. But more sophisticated methods would be needed to improve the mouse stuff.
I wanted to look into using randomisation of the data points on the human mouse paths themselves at path selection time to decrease detection, but depending on the algorithm for randomisation that could still be detectable. It would require me doing some statistical modelling and crunching some data to see how well that would work, but I haven't done any statistical stuff in a while and i'm feeling a bit lazy right now :3. However, yeah, actually over the past few days I've been mulling over the idea of coming up with an algorithm for the randomisation. I'll try to be more active here and post my sketches and stuff so you can see the progress and my shitty brainstorming!

I wanted to get into using machine learning to learn and generate mouse paths, but I don't really have the time or interest right now in doing that, vis-a-vis re-learning machine learning stuff.

I had stopped development for a few months, I wasn't feeling well and was busy with school and dealing with other personal issues so I had set that aside for a bit. I might get back into it within the next few weeks.

I had some videos made before to demonstrate functionality from a few months back, I'll try finding them and posting some stuff to showcase the progress, and possibly the current api and some scripts I had made.
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Sorry about the long delay! Here is a video. I had a lot of stuff I was working on I didn't record, so I'll probably upload some code as well and/or some screenshots soon.

randomization is a hard one i messaged you flowercannon i wanna show you something.


Jan 24, 2021
looks pretty interesting will incorporate this