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Oct 2, 2019
Introduction and Information is a botting community that creates and shares open-source Runescape bot scripts.
The majority of these scripts are created with an automation suite known as "Winautomation".
Winautomation is a visual scripting engine that makes it easy for anyone to create bots for Runescape, even your mom!
Click here to read more about winautomation.

The scripts are in .waj format and are shared in the resources section.
Once downloaded, users simply import them into winautomation, ready to be modified or even just ran without any editing.


Here's a list of resources you WILL need when creating bots.
Click on the desired link to go to the download page

Winautomation (Latest version)
Runelite.Plus (Sox's custom plugin loader)
Human-like mouse movements wrapper

Configuring and running a bot/script

To run a script, you first need to download it from the resources section.
You can find the resources section by clicking here
Once you find the script you want, you simply download it and import it into winautomation.
From there you can customize the source and add on to it, to make it unique for your playstyle.

There are a plethora of video guides detailing how to edit and create bots with winautomation.
Of course, if you're still confused, you can join the discord and ask for support, or simply post in the support section of the forum​
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