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How do i open these files i download...

Mafia don345

Mafia don345

Feb 20, 2021
i downloaded the winautomation and it asks what app i should use to open i pick the java and it didnt work.... same thing with wrapper what do i use to open it im so confused and just got vip and cant even run a bot.....


Jan 18, 2021
Sorry to hear that, once winautomation is downloaded, you can check out the guide by @Asentrix here.
The first tutorial is how to install winautomation and if you are a VIP and using his premium bot, running the wrapper is done through the bot. To run the wrapper properly you will need Java installed. You can check if Java is installed and get its version through the Start menu and find Java and run About Java (Java 7 Update 40 and above) or I prefer to run the command "java -version" through powershell or the command prompt without the quotes. You can check out the attached screenshot for an example of what both should look like when run.

Since your VIP his bot should be folder with hot bot script compiles into a .exe file with the wrapper and a few other tools that he may use for his bot to work correctly. Just need to run the .exe and should ask you to login using your forum credentials to check for VIP status before allowing you to select the copious amount of bots he has made. Correct me if I'm wrong @Asentrix. If you are still having trouble, feel free to jump into the discord server listed in the top right of the forum page and post about any issues or questions under the appropriate support section and @Asentrix will get to you as soon as he can. As for being a VIP and not being able to get his bot running quickly, he may be able to give you an extra day but that would be entirely up to him and I won't be putting words in his mouth. Its possible but again it will be through his discretion.

Hope this helps, you enjoy his bots when you get it up and running and happy botting! :)


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