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Oct 2, 2019
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Building a bot farm

Many people bot simply to level their character up, others bot to make a living, or just some extra cash on the side
Well, if you follow this guide, you can make your own bot farm and make a lot of money, or gold if you decide not to sell it.
So, what exactly do you need for a bot farm? Let's go over the requirements, the absolute bare minimums.

So, obviously you need the dedication to maintain and run a bot farm, as funny as it sounds, it's actually a lot of work to maintain a bot farm.
You need to be attentive and spend a lot of time watching your bots, monitoring them and transferring your profits before you inevitably get banned.
You can run a bot farm without 100% dedication but expect subpar results. If you're smart, you will invest your time and efforts fully into this for the most profits.
For example, some of our members are making 1Bil+ a day botting basic stuff on Runescape, because they're dedicated!

A computer, or dedicated server.
Depending on whether or not your computer is able to run multiple clients or not, you may need to invest in a dedicated server.
A dedicated server is capable of running many clients at once, which is the main requirement for running a bot farm.
The more clients you can run, the more profit you will make! For example, let's say you're making 3mil/hr with 1 client, you could run 10 clients and make 30mil/hr!
That works out to 720mil/day, just from 10 bots making 3 mil/hr, roughly 70$ USD/day, that's magical!
Especially if you run the bot farm while you work, you can easily make 1000$+ a week and live the dream

Extending on dedicated servers, what you need to look for when buying a dedicated server is a good CPU, a high amount of memory and a decent amount of storage.
You may be asking "Why would storage matter?". Well, with our bots, to run multiple clients you would need to run multiple virtual machines (VM's) inside of the dedi.
Each installation/VM will take up multiple GB of storage.
Xeon processors are good CPU's, and the higher the amount of RAM the better.
If you're looking for a reliable dedicated server, there are a few companies I recommend.
Just a quick note, I don't work with any of these companies nor am I affiliated with any of them.
Hetzner - I personally use these guys and they're pretty decent, just a bit expensive if you're starting out.
Click here to view the dedicated servers

Accounts + membership
Let's face it, free to play botting just isn't worth it.
The profit you make is severely impacted, the bot detection seems to ban free to play accounts much more frequently and your botting options are limited.
Your best option is to bond a few accounts, bot for a little while and make your investment back and reinvest it into more accounts.
The initial investment sucks, it's a big chunk of money you have to sink into accounts, but once the ball is rolling, it's nothing but profit.
You can also buy "accounts" from shady people for cheap, which usually come with membership.
Just note, buying "accounts" may lead to the owner recovering the account, so sometimes it may backfire on you.

What to bot
So you've got your dedicated server, you have your bonded accounts, how do you start making money
Well, this part is up to you, and this decision will ultimately decide how much you will be making.
Find something with low requirements, or no requirements and a decent amount of profit per hour.
If you want to bot something and it has decent requirements, sometimes it's better to bot the requirements first.
For example, some herbs require 60+ herblore to clean, so just level your accounts until they have 60 herblore.

Cashing out
The smartest way to cash out is to sell to gold websites.
Don't just immediately sell to the first website you find though, look around and see which have the best prices.
Also, please make sure the website you're on have a good reputation, there are lots of scammer websites out there waiting to steal your hard botted gold.
The safest way to cash out is to transfer all of your gold from your alt to a "Mule" or aged account, an account that isn't monitored heavily like most new/low-level accounts.
Once you've traded all of your earnings over, organize a sale, and sell your gold for bitcoin. This protects you from chargebacks and things like that.

To proxy or not to proxy?
Proxies are important, jagex has been known to IP ban gold farmers in the past, so it's better to be safe than sorry.
Always buy proxies when you're botting, never use public/free proxies.
Many free proxies are used to "crack" and hack Runescape accounts, so those IP's are already flagged.
Alternatively, you can use a VPN if you wish, ProtonVPN is completely free and highly recommended.

Wrapping up
I've pretty much covered everything I could think of regarding running a bot farm.
Just don't share your botting spots/methods with anyone or they will crash your method, keep it private!
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