[unfinished] level 83-99+ kandarin safecracking


Saint Kaon

Apr 27, 2020
This is unsupported as I really don't have the time to work on this, which is why I'm releasing this in hopes that someone can finish it :D
  • Camelot is mostly done, just requires polish
  • Hand-in of loot from loot bag mostly done, just requires polish (the %RandomFill% within the Estimate Lootbag Fill function should be set to the range of potential loot bag fill percent of a single safe based on the size of your loot bag, this can be found on the RS Wiki)
  • Yanille and Ardougne are mostly documented in terms of what should be clicked, but conditionals for status of objects (such as doors) needs to be implemented.

Note: The human mouse movement wrapper is required for this and the Wrapper.jar should be on your Desktop. https://botting.rs/resources/botting-rs-human-mouse-movements-wrapper.23/

Using the bot on a screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 125% accessibility settings in Windows with RuneScape maximized (this is important because it technically changes the resolution).

Setup an action bar with hotkeys for:
  1. Lumbridge lodestone
  2. Camelot teleport (runes should be in your inventory)
  3. Ardougne teleport (runes should be in your inventory)
  4. Yanille lodestone
Click the compass on your RuneScape client to make sure your screen is pointing north and zoom all the way out. Camera mode should be set to Freedom.

Below are my graphics settings: