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Oct 26, 2019
If you're going to be defining items in inventory, bank, or chat box, I found out some relevant information about how WinAutomation searches for images.

It scans one row of pixels at a time left -> right, starting from the top left of your screen. Then it looks for the first pixel in the top-left corner of your captured image, and when it finds a match, it hops to the next pixel to the right on your screen and checks for the concurrence of that pixel to the 2nd pixel in your captured image. If that matches, it keeps going until it finds a mismatch, and compares how many pixels matched so far until it mismatched with the Image Tolerance you set (0 tolerance means 100% of pixels have to match or else it fails, 128 tolerance means 0% of pixels have to match to succeed). So if you have an image captured that has a TOP - LEFT pixel that is variable by alot, like you captured the background of your inventory, chatbox, or the 3D world, it will look for a bad image almost every time even with a wide range of tolerance

For example I used this in the P2P fighter bot, notice top-left pixel:
gets it every time with tolerance set to 2-5.

More explanation from the Help guide in WinAuto:help.png
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