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    Pronouncer Asentrix Pronouncer wrote on Asentrix's profile.

I cant figure out how to upgrade to VIP
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    unknownrandy ZmartinK unknownrandy wrote on ZmartinK's profile.

there is no supply and demand 4 people bought it lol
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    Lokrie Asentrix Lokrie wrote on Asentrix's profile.

Really loving the bot, can't wait for more archaeology scripts such as war table debris & portent/grace of the elves support. Also a priff elf thieving bot would be good :)
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Reactions: Asentrix
Glad to hear that :)
For the porter/war table places, use the autoclicker and fill your GOTE with porters
Set the timer to like 40 minutes or so
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    k3nn3dy100 ArtBlonk k3nn3dy100 wrote on ArtBlonk's profile.

Encontrou algo que funcione?
Até o momento só o que o Ascentrix oferece, e só usei a versão Free por em quanto, to pensando em pagar mas com o preço do dolar hoje em dia vai ser dificil manter mensalmente ..
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    Anavar Chr0nicxHack3r Anavar wrote on Chr0nicxHack3r's profile.

This user is fat and smells of smegma, beware.
  • shades1

    shades1 Asentrix shades1 wrote on Asentrix's profile.

Hey! Is there write up/how to or requirements like bar setup, screen resolution or anything for the Premium RS3 bot? It zooms in and just clicks wherever I have my mouse over and over on each of the scripts
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    jhtt Asentrix jhtt wrote on Asentrix's profile.

Hey! I just checked the new leak scripts with sammich and everything seems to be working ok. the only problem is its missing the instructions html page for each script. you have it on the bluestacks tithe farm script and i would apreciate even more if you put it available. Anyways its a great leak, thank you very much!
the pages are all restricted inside they forum